The woman quit her job and took up the job of serving her parents on ‘salary’

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Beijing:A woman in China has quit her job to take up a job as a homemaker, where she will take care of her elderly parents for $570 a month.

This woman is being criticized for taking monthly payment from her own parents for her services. A woman named Nayanan was working in a news organization for the past 15 years, where she was also facing pressure. In this situation, his parents went ahead and made an offer.

Parents told Nianan that she has to stay at home. Sauda salaf has to be fetched and cooked and sometimes danced with joy with the parents. In return, his parents will pay 570 dollars a month. Once or twice a month he has to take the parents out for a walk and drive.

Parents said that she should stay only with parents and get salary while she can leave home anytime if she gets a good job. It has been described as a ‘full-time daughter’s job’ by parents.

Internet users have expressed their mixed reactions to this decision of Nianan. Some people have said that it is considered bad in China and is referred to as ‘eating the parents’. He has also criticized the word ‘full time daughter’.

Other users said that parents should be served but $570 is too much.

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