Fashion trends and their impact on teenagers in 2022

Introduction: Fashion trends have a negative impact on teenagers

As we all know that in this age of technology where everyone has got access to new trends and to new emerging fashion, the teens are getting more conscious about their fashion choices. They know more than our past generation about the fashion trends. Not only this, due to the presence of role models, now teens are more conscious about their looks and about how they wear clothes and they are more selective when it comes to wearing clothes and when it comes to making combinations of clothes with shoes and all accessories. Now teens are more empowered for sure in terms of making their fashion choices.

Trap of looking perfect all the time:

But on other side, there is a downside for this thing too, as some of the teens get themselves trapped in looking perfect all the time, and when they realize that it’s not working ”perfect” all the time then they end up getting themselves not to look very good and just wear clothes without selection. So that other people don’t notice them a lot. And these trends when a teen want to get himself or herself noticed in front of others can bring depression to that teen too, as it’s not all the time that they can look perfect.

Clothing reflects our personality:

Clothing, in one sense, is a reflection of our personality, it can be said as a mirror image of our personality. And clothing reflects our choices and they show to the world that which type of personality we have. For example, a jolly person may wear vibrant colors and on other side a person having serious personality may wear dull colors. But at the end, teens must understand that our personality is not only dependent on the clothes that we wear, our real personality is being shown by our manners and positive attitude. So , what works best for teens all the time is selection of simple colors, and the selection of simple and decent styles.

How to select colors to wear:

When it comes to the selection of the colors, then we must understand that white color makes our personality more vibrant and makes us stand out in a crowd, and on other side dull colors like black makes our personality go into that box where it’s difficulty for people to see us. But if people know how to carry any color then for sure they can select any color of their choice, about which they are confident about, but white color for sure makes us feel more confident.

Fashion is a form of expression of your personality:

If we talk about fashion, then we realize that for sure the teenagers are most fashion conscious people on this planet. And mainly every new trend at first targets teens because they know that teenagers have got more acceptance for new emerging trends. Other important aspect of this is that by fashion teenagers can express themselves and it’s a great way to show to the world that which things they like as being a teenager and that what are their choices. So , in this way fashion becomes a form of expression. Some teenagers have a taste of buying stuff by going to the malls and shopping stores while others are okay with doing online shopping. But to make sure that the size fits them and that how the piece of cloth look on them , better way is to go to the mall and to check the cloths physically by wearing them, as during online shopping there can be size problem for sure.

At the age of teens when they are searching for the true meaning of life, when they are on a quest to know about their personality, they are we can say on a mission to know about themselves, about their personal identity, at this time it’s important for them to try different styles of fashion to know themselves better and to know that which style works better on them and by having which type of fashion sense they look good.

Factors that can affect the teenagers selection from the trends of fashion available to them:

There are certain factors which can play a huge role when it comes to a selection of the fashion available to them, and which helps them to make certain choices regarding their style. These factors are as follows:

1. Media, mainly social media;

             Maybe the most determining factor now a days that has got a huge impact on the teens when it comes to select from the trends. Teens use these media handles, to access that which type of trends are in fashion, and it can help them to make choices that which things they have to buy for themselves. And these media handles, specially teens magazines have got a huge role in determining the which trends teens will be following in coming months. They are specially designed to make it easy for teens to select the trends that they want for their use.

2. Celebrities, Role models :

So, if teenagers are football fans, and their favorite player wears anything ,it can be a shirt in their normal lives or can be sneakers, then these are surely going to follow the style. Though the clothes are being worn by adults, but they effect teens in some way. In the same way, if your favorite star is wearing anything then it’s going to effect your fashion sense for sure, as you rely on them that what they tell you to wear or what they normally wear will look good at you too. Even if they are wearing some simple or normal dress, in your mind it will seem like it’s a best choice for you. In the same way, due to this reason brands are collaborating with these role models so that they can get their stuff being sold easily.

3. Advertisements:

Advertisement industry has become huge in some of the last years, and now it’s impossible for any brand to think about selling things without investing a proper amount of money in advertisements, for this reason these brands are making sure that whatever they make, for example even if it’s any white pair of pants, then they will advertise it to look vibrant and they attach the personality of the celebrities with them to give it more better look in the minds of people, and most of the times teens are the ones who are their target and who get effected by their advertisements and we can see that now a days at most of the brands the sizes that are available are for slim and smart people because they know that teens will be the ones buying their products mainly.

4. Family and friends, Social circle:

It’s another important factor when it comes to the selection of the clothes that a teen wants to wear. Maybe your friend bought some long coat that looks very good at him or her, and you got impressed by it so much that now you want to buy it too for yourself. These characters like our friends and the people having some good personality in our social setups have become the agenda setters and they are here to influence us for sure, so that we make up our mind regarding the fashion sense that they have, after getting the information that they filter through themselves from different online streams and media channels.

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