Proper nutrition requirements and healthy foods to eat for teenagers in 2022

Proper nutrition is without any doubt requirement for every age group, but for teens these requirements are different because at this age of development, the body and muscles of the teens are still growing and developing and they have not yet properly and fully developed. For this thing, teens need to take care of their diet as much as any elderly person has to take care of their diet. And, dietary requirements for every age group and their food choices are different. Without proper nutrition , teens cannot grow as required and they can face a loss of energy in their daily lives.

There are different types of foods that are required for teens to grow strong and to have more energy levels for their daily routines, they can range from fruits and vegetables to proteins and grains. These foods and healthy nutrition is a requirement for teens for developing their muscles well during their age of puberty. On other side, teens should avoid using unhealthy foods and salty stuff, with it they must avoid sugary products ,specially white sugar and products having lots of amounts of caffeine.

Why do teens need more food and more proper nutrition?

At this age of teens, their bodies are still growing, and physical parts of the bodies of teens are still growing, so teens need to eat better and healthy food at this age. On the other hand if there is any teen who is doing more physical activity and is more involved in outdoor or indoor sports then the dietary requirements of his or her increases. And with this increase they require to eat more as compared to other teens. Parents have to take care of all these requirements. If their teens feel dizzy during their day , then parents must understand that the teens are feeling low energy because they need more proper nutrition in their diet.

Mainly, all foods which are good source of proteins are always good for consumption by teens, these foods include;

a. Chicken

b. Meat

c. Nuts or dry fruit

d. Eggs

Other than this , it is important to have ;

a. Vegetables

b. Grains

c. Fruits

         in the diet of teens. And there should be a proper mix of all these food options. So that the protein and vitamin requirements of the teens are being met. Because from only one or two sources , we can’t make sure that a teen will be getting all the required nutrients that is mainly vitamins and calcium for their body.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and they help to clear skin and inner parts of body from harmful chemicals and substances. They are also able to fight with diseases like cancer and heart attack. Not only this that they are good right now for your teens, but they will also help them to fight with these diseases in elderly age of their lives. Here for proper nutrition, there is a simple tip, that let teens eat fruits and vegetables with every meal, and make sure that they eat fruits and vegetables of different colors, as every color has got different nutrition aspects that will help to make sure that the need of the teens is properly met. It’s not important that they eat lots of amounts of fruits and vegetables but they are important in lesser quantities for sure.

Grain foods like pasta, noodles, corn, oats and barley are a good source of carbohydrates and they help to give your teen a proper amount of energy so that your teen can stay healthy and with that energy teen will be able to do daily work easily without feeling drained and dizzy. These foods give energy that lasts for long period of time.

Dairy products for some people are not a good choice, but dairy products have their own advantages that cannot be denied. Dairy products have got large amounts of calcium and proteins. Though they have got fat too, for this you can use the dairy products which are labelled as low fat ones, so that you can benefit more from these products. Calcium is very important component, that is needed for teens in large amounts to grow their bones and is important for whole boy structure of teens. If you child is not able to eat dairy products then you can use dairy free reciprocals like nuts, beans and fish which have got high amounts of calcium, so that the calcium requirements of the teens are being met in a proper way.

Proteins and omega 3 foods are important source of energy and are important for building muscles of your teens, omega 3 are mostly met from the usage of fish products. Omega 3 is also beneficial for glowing and healthy skin. And teens must have some sources of proteins in such a way so that the requirements of some of the vitamins is also being met, and with it , it’s important for iron shortage in body too that usage of products having high proteins must be done as these products have got iron in them too. These product can be fish, eggs, beans and nuts.

Milk, mainly low fat milk, and fresh juices must also be a part of a diet of teen as these drinks are very healthy for them, for their growth and development and for their skin too.

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