Healthy lifestyle for teens in 2022, is it important? If yes, then why?

If you are a teen or if you are adult, both of them must know that how you feel at adult age about your health and performance, everything is mostly related to your lifestyle habits when you were once a teen. So, teens must know it right now that they must develop healthy lifestyle habits so that in future they stay successful in their life, and by using these habits again and again they can for sure stay healthy not only in their adult life but in very old age too.

Healthy lifestyle is for sure important for everyone, but now a days in this era of technology and ease, where everything is served to us within seconds , where we have not to do lots of physical work , now it has become difficult to stay active and to pursue an active lifestyle. Because of the fact that now there are many distractions that are taking us away from our goals, and even if anyone has to pursue any passion for their lives then they must need a healthy lifestyle, but due to the distractions that we are facing in our lives, it has just become very difficult for us to stay on the right track. Though , we can change all of our habits by just staying focus, but focus in itself has become a luxury now a days, as in our lives we tend not to focus on anything for more than a minute maybe or maybe some seconds.

For teens, there are short term benefits of having a healthy lifestyle for sure, but on other side you have got long term benefits with you and you can achieve a lot in your lives, in your future life. If teens have got a higher percentage of body fat right now, then it means that when they will become an adult, not only at that time but right now too, they have got a chance of getting a cardio vascular disease. So, to prevent this teens must focus on healthy lifestyle , on staying active. Maybe just track your walking habits, just track the steps that you take daily, so that you know that how much difference you will be getting by these simple life changing habits. If you just start your day on a good note by doing some exercise for like 20 minutes daily, then it can make you feel more energetic and more better for your whole day. In the same way having a good healthy breakfast is very important too, so that you get the required nutrients to do the daily work. And, most important thing as already discussed is this that you will be developing these habits for your whole life, and this thing will be life changing for sure for you .

As discussed above, the food habits that you make right now, and that you have developed in your childhood, they can stay with you for your whole life. For example, some people don’t develop a habit of eating fruits in their teenage and then when they become an adult still it stays the same, and now they don’t want to eat fruits as thinking of fruits seems to give them a negative feeling of bad taste. It’s all because they didn’t develop a habit of eating fruits when they were young, and now their taste bud has changed. That’s a big problem in itself now a days, when your taste bud gets developed for all these oily and crispy foods, which are salty and spicy, then you become a person who likes fast food more as compared to healthy ones. So, main thing to tackle it is to eat healthy foods right now at young age, so that you develop a taste for healthy foods.

It’s very important to add a mix of everything when it comes to food choices that you are going to make in your life, you must have proper amount of proteins in your diet, in the same way you must have proper amount of foods giving your other components of nutrition like calcium and vitamins for the proper working of your body. For protein sources you can have chicken, meat, nuts, fish and you can add dairy products too, as they are a good source of calcium too. On other side you must add fruits and vegetables too as they are known as antioxidants and are very important to wash out harmful chemicals from your body and can make your skin look better too.

Instead of taking supplements and medicines, you can rely on organic products, eating fresh is a way to go if you want to stay healthy for a long time. Supplements and medicines can benefit you for a short period of time but at the end what’s going to work for a long time is have these foods organically in smaller quantities for a longer period of time. If you ask any actor or model for their diet, they will let you know that they had very good eating habits when they were teens and everyone of them has got some of the favorite fruits at their list. So, for you too it’s right time to add some fresh and organic food in your diet.

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