Modern Lifestyle of Teenagers should change in 2022

Is modern lifestyle of teenagers not good for them and are they lacking some things that they must have in their lives?

This article will take you through these things and will be able to help you to find answers for your self.

1. Our elders used to be more active physically:

Modern teenagers, for sure are not like our elders when they were at their teen ages. They used to do more physical activity, they used to go out more than us. And that going out used to be for creative purposes, and mainly sports grounds were considered to be their second home. Maybe any teenager can ask their parents that how active they were and how amazing their sports life was, and that how much time they spent playing sports. Contrary to this, modern teenagers have totally changed , they are more of like a Android Generation and maybe you can say a technology generation. Now a days , most of times of the teenagers goes on in spending time with their cellphones. And rather than doing physical activities, teenagers mostly do activities that exist only in air. So , if you have to play football, here you go with any football game online, if you have to play cricket, here you go with with any online cricket game, so at the end teenagers now a days have this thing in their mind that every game if they are playing it online then it’s enough for them and they have done justice with that game. On other side, if you really want to enjoy sports then you have to go outside and to do it physically.

2. Habit of book reading has nearly ended:

So, now a days teens can read book summaries instead of taking pain of reading whole books, that’s good that you can get more knowledge in less time through summaries but at the same time it’s not rewarding as by reading book your communication skills become better and your mind sharpens and you can really enjoy any book by reading it completely. On other hand , there is a trend of reading books online now a days, though our elders used to read books that they could feel in their hands, they could feel the smell of pages, that’s maybe the best smell in the world, but teens now a days are away from these experiences in their lives. Now a days television has taken place of the book time and then social media as all of knows , it has changed things.

3. Social media usage:

All of us know this thing that how social media has changed lives, and most of the times teens consume most of their time on social media, that’s for sure is not good for their health. Here health means , both physical and mental health. Physically, as discussed before teens are not really going out and it’s not good for their body. And there are more chances of getting illness if we stay at our home in our bed all the time, active body always comes at top if we want to fight health failures. On other side, mental health is very important, and now a days we can see rise in mental health topics and their discussions, psychology is like hundred years old subjects but it’s blooming and is in requirement of nearly every person now a days. That being said, there have been various studies that using more social media can cause depression and can cause mental deterioration , because at teenage, teens minds are still building and they get effected very easily. In the same way , teens start following the trends of their role models and they just start doing things blindly because their role models have done it . A teen may think that it’s a genius decision to act on those things but at the end they don’t take decisions after researching about the things. So, that’s not good for teen’s health for sure.

4. Balanced diet:

Now a days , it has become a very hot topic that how to take balanced diet, though our elders , that is our parents and grandparents, they used to eat healthy and balanced diet without researching because their food habits and food choices in front of them always used to be balanced ones. On other side now a days teens have developed habit of eating fast foods and that’s so bad for their health, but they can’t really understand. Not only them , but their parents can’t understand too. It;s mainly due to advertisement campaigns of these big companies and yes they develop a good taste of their foods, that feels good for taste bud of teens , but at the end this food is not health and end up giving us various health problems. Stomach problems are common among teens now a days and they are facing many more problems for example food poisoning and all that stuff.

5. Other changes:

So, now a days taking shower once has become a norm for teenagers and they feel nothing about it that they are not taking care of their cleanliness. Other than this, not cleaning their rooms, messed up routines. All this stuff , at first is due to the fact that they don’t care about little things in their lives that they had to organize and due to this whole life gets disorganized. So, for example not sleeping in time at night has become a fashion now a days, but it’s so bad for health and then a teen stays confused all the time in his day that what to do now and how to make good of remaining time. It’s like by staying awake at night , a teen is not able to manage his or her time in a better way, and always finds themselves in a stress and confusion related to this issue.

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