How to make sports rewarding and more effective so that you play with fun in 2022

Sports is very important for teen health but teens most of the times find it difficult to indulge themselves in positive activities like sports. And, there are various reasons for this attitude from teens. The reasons ranges from strict parents and a coach who do not understand the needs of a teen. In the same way , the teens , they have got lots of things to do that are rewarding for short term like playing video games and scrolling through their social media channels or just scrolling through their favorite platforms. So the main question is this that how to make sports just fun and how to enjoy playing instead of having stress and pressures.

For example , if any teen loves any sports, be it football , and the coach is very hard on teens and coach uses abusive language and has got a strict regime of training for the teens, then at the end the teens lose that focus and energy and at the end they give up on their dreams and passions. So sports must be a positive activity and it must be fun doing sports.

Main things that can help to keep sports interesting and at the same time to get more fun while playing are as follows;

1. Parents should refrain from putting their teens down, mainly there should not be any negative talk related to sports:

Most of the times, it has been seen that parents focus more on results as compared to that of the whole process of becoming a sportsman, and main aim for parents is to analyze that if their children have won or lose. But on other side the parents should understand that winning or losing is a part of game and that their children even if they lose, they have to go through the process of playing and becoming better day by day. Only by this thing, teens can advance and they can become good sportsmen. Winning or losing is a part of the game , and there are always losers at one end, if not then what’s an advantage of playing solo.

Parents should ask their children about their experience regarding sports, and they must ask questions related to the things that why teens felt it difficult to do well. Then parents should provide teens with the tools for success

2. Most difficult part at this age of teens is to communicate well with coach:

Because at this age the communication skills are still developing and they have not been properly developed so teens are not able to access that what are the needs of coach and why their coaches are being strict. So it would be better if teens ask questions to coach and if teens know how to deal with moments of stress with coach. And for this reason , mainly parents can make teens understand that how teens should communicate with teens.

On other hand , there are always some people in a team who communicate good with coaches, so other teens should learn from them. Their style of talking , the gestures that they use , and the use of words by these people. Communication is a difficult process that takes time to excel,but not much time. Teens can see changes in their communication skills in short period of time, only if they focus on becoming better at these skills.

3. Parents can make teens to understand that the family values are more important:

So, for example if in the heat of moment the coach said anything wrong to teen , and the teen felt down and sad, then first thing a teen do is to think that okay it’s better to skip training or at the worse the teen can shout at the coach to let coach know that what he said was wrong. But it’s the responsibility of parents to let their children understand that in every situation they must stay positive and they must respect the values that their family has taught them so that a teen stay calm at all the times.

4. Not good to fight:

Suppose if you children has got a fight with teammate then it’s your responsibility to cool down the fight and to make your children understand that it’s not good to fight instead to making them to fight more with their teammate. And for this fight thing, a teen also feels down and always know that whose mistake it is, parents things is to calm down their teen and at the same to tell them that even if it was a mistake of other teammate still it’s okay and it’s a part of the game, because in heat of the moment things like this do happen. It’s pretty much normal to have little fights as we can see that adults also fight, national level games , even international level games sometimes show this thing when players lose their cool and start fighting.

5. Do not judge them:

That’s the most important thing, if you will not support them and start judging them then who else they will find at their corner to support them. Times do not stay the same, sometimes its a time when teen feels down and they need your support. If you start saying to them that you are not good at it, you cannot play good because you do not know how to do it the right way. Then instead of saying this thing, maybe you can let them know the right way calmly so that they understand more and they prosper in their posting career.

6. Parents should have good listening skills:

Now a days, it’s difficult to find a good listener and it’s parents responsibility to talk with their children and then listen to them that how they are feeling. Listening solves many problems for sure and makes everything possible. So, if your teen needs to discuss something with you , you must be there to support them to pay heed to their needs. If they need some tools and equipment, then it’s only you on whom they can rely on. You must show responsibility for this and they will show the responsibility of taking care of the stuff at their end for sure.

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