Important piece of advice on teen fashion and general teen lifestyle in 2022

Some thoughts and advice for teens on teen fashion and teen lifestyle

You want to know that which things you must buy for this year and you are a teen then this one is a perfect place for you. Square sunglasses, rounded sunglasses, Classy type jeans was a fashion some years ago but now fashion trends have changed a lot. And its a passion for every teen to look good and cool so we got you covered for this. Fashion sense and style changes after every two or three years. Though some things which are termed as classic stays the same but there is always a change in most of the items. Mainly due to their role models on different online platforms on , now a days trends are changing quickly. Let’s go and know about the new cool trends that are in fashion now a days;

1. Sweatpants, be it any colorful pant. As colorful stuff is in fashion for both males and females. But if you like classy look then you must go for grey or black color if you are a male. Sweat pants are in fashion now a days, and instead of trousers and jeans, now teens are seen wearing sweatpants because it makes them look more cool as compared to other items as written before. So , its time to buy any good sweatpants and then enjoy your day.

2. Don’t let yourself come under brand culture . But now make choices according to your wishes and try to wear clothes that are unbranded or that have least amount of advertisement of any brand. It’s like look neat and clean, and show your own personality instead of the major brand names. But if you do want to buy from brands then look for the cheaper brands as quality of most the brands stays the same. All of them , now a days give orders to other countries and most of the times same factory makes same products for different brands. So, it’s the same quality where you buy it for hundred bucks or you get it for less than 5 dollars. At the end, what you need is quality and neat and clean look.

3. Neat and clean look is very important , and at teen age what teens lack the most is this look. Teens normally wear clothes that are messed up or that are not taken care of, but only there are some of the teens who wear neat clothes. A white shirt or a black shirt can do the trick for you .

4. While buying jeans , the key is to buy a jeans in fitting as teens have got good legs to wear stuff like this. And make sure that the jeans is in one shade. It looks classy and neat.

5. Talking about the colors, as a male you must go for one color. Wearing funky stuff can make you look different, but at the end one solid color gives you personality. And for males;

   a. Blue

   b. Black

   c. White

   d. Grey

   e. Brown

   These colors given above are the best ones which work perfect on males and help them to groom their personality.

  Wear dark colors at night and light colors at day time, it will work wonders.

6. Do workout for sure, and for this year the most favorite workout item is hula loop, but that;s for girls mainly. You can use it for longer periods of time and its difficult to get exhausted with this tool to exercise. But for guys and male person, calisthenics is in fashion. So if as a male you want to tone up your body then go for this type of workout, and if you want to add weights then add just little amount of weights in your daily routine.Exercise for like 30 minutes a day is important for both male and female teens

7. Have a pair of glasses with you whether you are a male or female, as glasses are very important to protect your eyes from UV light. Maybe you remember when one of the Australian actor got eye cancer and he advised every one to wear good quality glasses. And for glasses you can spend some extra bucks to buy a good one. Mainly what you have to see is this that the glasses must have UV protection and the frames of glasses must not become hot due to heat of sun.

          On other side , cool and classy glasses both of them gives you a perfect look whether you want to look funky or whether you want to look chiseled, glasses will help for sure. And do take care of them, as you bought them for high price and you have only one pair with you most probably. For girls, oval sunglasses are in the fashion and for boys square ones works fine most of the times.

8. Some other advice must be;

   a. Try to use natural and herbal skin care products as if they have no benefit then they do not damage too. And, most of the times they work fine.

   b. Maybe spend little time on video games and try to play sports outdoors, it will make your life extraordinary for sure and you will come to know that how much you missed while you were busy playing video games.

   c. Whether you are a male or female, you must have a proper skin care routine and less the products the better it is. And try to use organic ones as written before.

  d. It’s okay to buy things after seeing online videos or after watching your favorite personalities that what they wear, but remember at the end you can judge yourself better and you must have your own fashion sense. Become a trendsetter instead of following these stars .

  e. For this last point, use your imagination, close your eyes and think that in which colors you will look good, and think that which colors combine to make up a good combination. For example, a white cap and black shirt works better than orange cap and black shirt. So you must have your own imagination skills. And remember now a days all online stars who are working at a micro scale , they have become the major ones , and its better for you to be your own star as in coming times every one will have their own fashion sense and it will be a macro fashion sense.

That’s it , it’s all about the advice thing and all other stuff. Make sure to share this article with your friends and family. Article maybe be short, but hopefully this experience will help you a lot.

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