7 Main teen health risks in 2022 you must know

7 Teens Health risks that every teenager should be aware of:

Teens health risks are growing day by day. Teens all around the world are faced by health problems to a large
extent as per any other age. Teens must be aware of these health
problems and specially their parents must take care of these problems.
As teenage is a time of life when it stays a confusion that whether a
teen will be taking care of his or her health or it would be a
responsibility of parents, so both of them should be aware of these
things to take decisions in a right direction.

Main thing is this
that at this age we are really not aware of the fact that we are facing
any problem. We take it very lightly that we have got some issues. So,
for using proactive approach , we should be aware of these things before
they actually happen to us.

Major Teen Health Risks:

Major risks that teens face related to health are as follows ;

1. Bullying

2. Gun violence and automobile accidents

3. Pregnancy

5. Tobacco use and substance abuse

6. Obesity and over eating

7. Anxiety and Depression

The explanation of these health problems is given below;

1. Bullying

Bullying comes with various forms. it can be verbal , it can be a physical one too, and new form of bullying is cyber bullying. All these forms of bullying makes a teen feel worst and makes a life of teen miserable. It can have psychological and health effects on teens, and can even destroy life of teens. Though, not taken seriously now a days , bullying is a major issue faced by teens all over the world. And a teen who faces this issue feels isolated, having no one to share his or her issue with. Many teens are seen changing colleges just to run away from this issue.

2. Pregnancy

One of the major issue with a life where teens do not really take care of their sex life and it makes them to follow sexual practices that are not natural and that are unhealthy for them. For example not using condoms and not doing much care during sexual practices can cause females to get pregnant and trouble comes when they have to tell their family. Not able to talk to their family and under extreme pressure and stress, teens start feeling negativity and stress in their lives that can cause anxiety and depression.

3. Automobile accidents and Gun violence

Increasing automobile accidents due to rash driving and over speeding is a story of every town and every city. Number of accidents involving teens has increased. And, on other side use of guns and easy accessibility to guns has increased number of cases of gun violence in western countries specially United states of America.

5. Tobacco Use and substance abuse

At teenage , due to negative company , it is difficult to avoid friends and people who are into substance abuse and smoking. Teens are not able to make correct decisions because they have not got enough guidance at their disposal. Due to which they fell in this trap of using substance abuse and consuming alcohol. Smoking is considered to be fashionable and at start teens start these things as a fashion but then they find themselves in a difficult situation where they are unable to take themselves out from wrath of using these dangerous materials.

6. Obesity and over eating

Due to advertisements which show that fast food products are very good for health , and specially advertisements of cold drinks showing that drinking them is cool and brings energy, teens get in a trap of eating and drinking more. By consuming more food they get themselves trapped in this habit of needing more food and get obese at young age. This thing mainly occurs due to a psychological impact of advertisements on the mind of teens and then due to availability of enough money and resources for teens of developed world.

7. Anxiety and Depression

All issues addressed above give rise to anxiety and depression among teens. At young age teens are not able to fight with these mental situations easily because at teenage their minds are at a stage of development and by not being fully developed, there is an increased risk that teens get to see themselves at this dark place where it seems like there is no way to get out of that situation.

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