How were the Markhors saved in Koh Taktu of Balochistan?

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The mountain range of Koh Taktu, located north of Quetta, is the habitat of the Markhors, but in the year 2000, local poachers killed them here. Target the Markhors After making it, some people saved the species of this animal from extinction.

Fazal Muhammad is among these people and works as a game watcher in the Wildlife Department.

According to Fazal Muhammad, their job is to protect the animals in Koh Taktu. He realized that people hunted here Markhor Ending the generation. As before, the species of Aryal deer became extinct, which needs to be stopped.

He said: ‘In 2000, we saw that Koh Taktu, which once had a large population of Markhor deer and other animals, is slowly disappearing. We decided to take steps to stop it.’

According to Fazal: ‘For this purpose, we contacted the residents living near this mountain and decided to form an organization to inform them of the seriousness of this problem and the impending danger.’

“Through mutual consultation, we decided to form an organization called ‘Taktu Varurgalvi’ to fight for the survival of the Markhor race,” he said.

According to Fazal: ‘When we formed the organization, after that we met with the local residents and informed them about the danger faced by the Markhor tribe and our responsibilities, that it is our national asset and we have saved it for future generations. It has to be done.’

He said that people were slowly convinced by our efforts and they were willing to cooperate with us, due to which they decided to stop Markhor hunting on this mountain.

“With our efforts and the support of the people of the area, not only this breed survived, but its number also started to increase,” Fazal said. When we conducted a survey in 2003, we saw 160 markers, then in 2018, when we conducted a survey on the order of the Balochistan High Court, the number had reached 858.

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He said: ‘We go to different places and meet people to create awareness and educate them about the benefits of forests and wildlife and their conservation, because of which people now understand that they It is important to protect.

Fazal said that the mountain range of Koh Taktu extends from the north of Quetta to Ziarat and beyond. Various animals are found in it, including Markhorthere are also wolves, jackals and leopards, whom we have not seen but heard their voice.’

According to him: ‘We try to stop the deforestation of cypress in this area with the protection of Markhor. Also we prohibit grazing of animals in this mountain range to protect the herbivores who often bring their animals here.’

Fazal says, ‘We formed an organization and started informing people about it, but at first they opposed it and refused to support us, but later when they visited the area and saw Markhor and other animals. When he saw, he not only saw its effectiveness and saw the increase in the number of animals, he said that the organization is doing really well, now these people are with us.

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