The Vampire Diaries Recap 11/8/12 Season 4 “The Killer”

Written by Sharon

Elena made the first official kill on The Vampire Diaries – and as you might guess, she’s didn’t handle it very well. But let’s back up, shall we?

"Vampire Diaries"

Vampire Diaries

Connor takes Matt, Jeremy and (for some reason) April hostage at the Grille in order to lure out the vampires that will inevitably save them. Obviously, Damon and Elena want to pounce right away, but Stefan is more cautious knowing that he has to keep Connor alive if he wants the cure to vampirism, something Klaus told him he has to keep secret from everyone, including Damon and Elena.

Klaus orders one his hybrids to act as bait to help Stefan capture Connor, but Tyler isn’t having it. He doesn’t like seeing other people controlled like he was, but Klaus convinces him otherwise when he inadvertently spills the beans to Caroline about Tyler and Hayley’s tryst in the Appalachians. Tyler assures Caroline nothing happened and that she just helped him break the sire bond. And that’s his new mission: to secretly help all the hybrids to the same!
Meanwhile, Damon doesn’t like the waiting around plan, so before he can mess it all up, Stefan kills him and orders Elena to stay put while he confronts Connor himself. So he crawls through the tunnels under the Grille (this is Mystic Falls, after all), he realizes he has no choice but to come out or Jeremy will blow up form one of the vampire hunter’s traps. Lucky for him, Elena rushes over just in time to fight Connor herself. He almost gets the best of her, but Stefan tells him to run. Still, Elena eventually catches up with him and breaks his neck for threatening Jeremy’s life – her first official kill!

Damon is so pissed that Stefan was protecting Connor that he grabs his heart to force the truth out of him. And when Damon learns there is a cure, he backs off. Then the two brothers watch as Elena cries over Connor’s grave, stricken with guilt over her first murder. When Damon asks Stefan why he even wants a cure, he basically says that he can’t have Elena like this. It’s not her. Too bad for him, Damon is willing to have Elena whether she’s a vampire or not. Oh, snap!
Back in witch land, Bonnie is learning to practice magic again from creepy Professor Shane, who for some reason is trying to keep her safe. He’s calling the shots right now where Connor is was concerned and we still don’t know the full extent of his role in the Brotherhood of Five.

Matt and Jeremy’s bromance was back in full swing as they tried to protect April from the truth. Jeremy even gives her his vervain bracelet just as he sees the tattoo growing on his arm! It looks like Connor’s death signaled something in his vampire-hunting destiny. Matt asks what’s up, but he lies. After all, no one else can see it.

The episode also marked the return of the titular diaries as Stefan and Elena are struggling to tell each other their feelings. All in all, it doesn’t look good for Stelena fans.

What did you think of the episode? Any theories about what’s going to happen?

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