The Vampire Diaries Recap 10/18/12 Season 4 “Memorial”

While the season 4 premiere of The Vampire Diaries was pretty good, this episode is down-right amazing and will probably go down as one of my favorites ever. The last five minutes blew my mind. But let’s get into it…

Stefan is intent on teaching Elena to feed off animals while Damon disagrees. He’s convinced if she doesn’t experience blood lust, she won’t ever learn to control it. And I have to agree with him on this one. But Stefan is trying hard to protect her from that. So he takes his girlfriend into the woods to feed, during which they get all turned on! But before they can sex it up against a tree, Elena runs off to throw up some blood. That can’t be good. Poor Stefan never gets laid.

Meanwhile, there’s a new hunter in town, Connor, and he’s snooping around the site of the council members’ death. He meets up with Damon and the sheriff and introduces himself as a private investigator. The sheriff also interrogates Damon about the fire. He tells her it wasn’t him and it were, he’d probably be bragging about it. True.

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