TwitPic of the Week: Selena Gomez

The spirit of Christmas is upon her- the season of giving and giving back has struck a chord in Selena Gomez. Earlier this week, the pop princess shared a photo with her fans via twitter, urging them to show support for a cause that is pretty close to her heart.

Selena’s mother Mandy Cornett, has for some time now been working closely with the charity; The Alliance For Children’s Rights, on a project titled the ‘Forever Project.’ This endeavor helps raise awareness for the thousands of children currently in foster care, that also need “forever families”.

The ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ singer proudly showed her support for the cause by posing for a picture in a hoodie bearing the project’s name.

The message reads, “Support @kidalliance #FOREVERproject n the 400,500+ kids in foster care who need forever families.”

Her drive to show support while also asking for her fans’, has inched the 20-year-old into this week’s top spot for Twitpic of the Week.

Way to go Selena, you rock!

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