TwitPic of the Week: President Obama & Spider-Man

This year’s final twitpic of the week, is quite possibly the cutest one  to date.

In a recently released photo, most likely taken around Halloween- the most powerful man in America; President Barack Obama, is seen pretending to have been webbed by a mini version of Spider-Man.

The two fellas who were captured by photographer Pete Souza, are seen standing in a room of the White House, where it appears that the president came around a corner and was caught by the tiny Peter Parker.

The photo was initially released on the president’s Facebook page, where he instantly received over half a million “likes”. The little boy is thought to be the son of a White House staff member.

For a man who’s responsible for running our country, and is photographed frequently while doing so, it’s nice to see him kid around like a regular individual might. Which is why this photo has earned the Commander-in-Chief the final top spot of the year.

And I couldn’t think of a better way to end the year, than by saying, “Look Out! Mr. President”.

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