TwitPic of the Week: Pac the Hamster

Justin Beiber’s new sidekick is quickly gaining fame- meet Pac, the 18 year-old singer’s new pet hamster.

The furry little creature has made its debut as the travel companion to Justin’s “Believe” world tour, with dates from Oct. 29, 2012- May 5, 2013.

Posted to his Twitter and Instagram accounts on the 24th, was this picture of Justin at an event, with Pac in tow- showing him off for the cameras.

The adopted hamster has become somewhat of an overnight success; he now has his own Twitter account with over 5,000 followers. If you’d like to stay connected, you can follow Beiber’s adorable pet on Twitter @TheHamsterPAC.

A bit much? Yes. But 5,000 other people would beg to differ. What about you guys? Will you be following the “Believe” tour’s new mascot?

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