TwitPic of the Week: Joe Jonas

As if the bond that runs throughout the Jonas family couldn’t get any stronger, it just did.

On Friday, middle brother Joe showed off his second tattoo, by sharing a picture with fans via Instagram.

The symbolic tattoo, which is placed on his right arm is of two ropes tied together forming a knot.

The caption reads, “Two ropes (two parents) makes four ends (four brothers)”.

The tattoo, which pays homage to his family is an incredibly touching gesture- which is what earned the pop star this week’s best celeb twit pic.

For those who might be wondering, Joe’s other tattoo is also placed on his arm and is an African symbol for cooperation. It translates to “help me, help you.” The 23-year-old got the symbol inked back in October.

Way to round out the week on a family note, Joe. Nice touch!

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One Response to TwitPic of the Week: Joe Jonas

  1. Kelli says:

    I pray that Joe gets treatment for what he is abusing. He is but a shell of the man he was 18 months ago. His eyes look dead. He is gaunt but his face is puffy. I am so worried about him. I hope fans will support him and encourage him to get some help. If he cares so much for his family he should go to rehab before it’s too late. I am praying for you Joe.

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