TwitPic of the Week: One Direction’s Visit to Africa

In this week’s edition of “TwitPic of the Week”, it’s One Direction who nabbed the top spot.

The British boy band has teamed up with Red Nose Day; a UK-based fundraising organization, who’s goal is to help raise money at home and abroad. Red Nose Day, who gets its moniker from the cheer and happiness associated with a clown’s red nose, is an annual event that was started 25 years ago.

The mission of the organization is to help raise money that will aide in transforming the lives of those less fortunate, whether they be at their home base in the UK or, across the continent of Africa.

This year the guys of 1D visited Ghana, a country in West Africa, as part of their participation in Red Nose Day.

Tweeted by Taylor Swift’s most recent ex, Harry Styles shared this message with his followers, “Little preview of our incredible time in Accra, Ghana. @rednoseday we will always owe you for taking us. Thank you.”

It sounds as if there is more to come from the band’s goodwill trip. In the meantime, fans of the group should enjoy this twit pic of the week.

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