Teen Wolf Recap 8/6/12

By: Morgan Glennon

On this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, the big lacrosse game gets deadly while Allison runs around shooting everything that moves in Beacon Hills. At the game Stiles finally gets a moment in the spotlight, which of course means he ends up kidnapped. Peter visits Derek in the Hale Crispy Fried Mansion of Tough Love to tell him how to deal with the Kanima. And Scott and Isaac fall in love with each other some more on the lacrosse field.

As the penultimate episode of this spectacular season of Teen Wolf, this episode set a lot of balls into motion. The Argents are clearly in charge and acting more dangerously than ever before. We finally discovered Gerard’s motives, although they were fairly obvious the whole time. As soon as Gerard came back for Kate’s funeral, it was pretty apparent he was there to avenge his murdered (and murderous) daughter. This week we only received confirmation, although we still don’t know the purpose of his ever-present pills.

As per usual in this season, the battle lines are constantly being drawn and redrawn. No wonder Scott always looks so confused. One minute Derek and the pack are evil, the next they’re best bros. One minute he’s doodling hearts on Allison’s window, the next minute she’s pumping some teen wolves full of arrows. The characters are always standing on shifting sands and each episode brings with it new alliances. Yet all these reformations make sense with where the characters are emotionally, which is a real testament to the writing of the show.

Next week’s finale will see the battle between the Argents, led by pill popping Grandpa and Allison “shoot all the things” Argent. We will undoubtedly see an end to the Kanima storyline that’s woven its way throughout the entire season, probably thanks to the power of love. And perhaps we’ll get some answers to our questions about Peter, the vet, and the mysterious guidance counselor. But I wouldn’t bet on it. After all, Teen Wolf has an expanded third season it’ll need storylines to fill.

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