Teen Wolf Recap 8/13/12 Season Finale

By: Morgan Glennon

On this week’s season finale of Teen Wolf, Scott proves that he’s more than a pretty face thanks to a brilliant plan to take down Gerard. Allison continues trying to kill all the things with little success. Peter grows a gross goatee. Gerard goes balls-out crazy, as members of the Argent family are wont to do. And everyone spends all episode in a giant glass case of emotion, crying like they’re watching a marathon of Beaches. To take the Beaches metaphor to its logical conclusion, obviously Stiles is the wind beneath all of our wings.

The finale capped off a truly excellent sophomore season of MTV’s surprisingly fun and astoundingly good teen werewolf drama. With a name like Teen Wolf it would be easy to write the show off as just fluffy summer fare, but that would be a mistake. The series knows how to have fun (and especially how to pander to its female demographic) but it also weaves a tight story with truly well-crafted performances. The whole cast is really gelling together in a way that wasn’t even apparent in the first season.

Crystal Reed has especially stepped up to the plate this season. Whether Allison was lovestruck, helping Scooby Doo crimes or shooting people multiple times with arrows for no reason, Reed really committed to everything. Allison has certainly been through the ringer this season, but the finale left her in a hopeful place for the future. Hopefully this doesn’t involve multiple stabbings anymore, but with the Argent family it’s hard to tell what constitutes “healthy” behavior.

The finale also finally solved both the Gerard problem and the Kanima drama while leaving open multiple story avenues for season three. Since the third season will run for twice the length of the first two, the show is going to need all the story it can get! Certainly, there are no complaints here if that story involves more of the hilarious Uncle Peter, whose eye rolls and one-liners considerably lightened up this plot and emotion-heavy episode.

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