Teen Wolf Recap 7/30/12 “Fury”

When he was finally rescued from the pool, Isaac’s father yelled at him. So Matt isn’t a ghost, which is frankly just the tiniest bit disappointing. Matt talks about how he’s been haunted by the incident ever since. So after Kanima Jackson killed Isaac’s worthless father, Matt began taking pictures of the people he wanted to be killed and Jackson would kill them.

He explains that Jackson is like the furies from Greek mythology. Scott has no idea what a fury is, but frankly I think Matt should just be proud Scott didn’t think he meant furry and call it a day. These are the same people who needed to be told what a bestiary was approximately twelve times, and giggled every single time.

Interrupting the dramatic exposition is some gunfire as the Argents throw themselves into the game. Scott is shocked to see Allison wielding her crossbow on a mission of Derek murder. Allison goes looking for Derek but ends up shooting the Kanima in the face and then stabbing him a whole bunch of times. “That’s what you get for being a jerk to me at winter formal Jackson!” I’m sure she was thinking somewhere deep inside.

The Kanima does manage to paralyze her and Matt gets all stalker creepy on her again, but thankfully Argent is able to save her and carry her out to safety.

Meanwhile the Kanima is busy elsewhere menacing Scott’s mother in her jail cell. The poor woman is shocked to see Derek and the Kanima go at it, but she’s even more shocked to see Scott’s pointy ears and sideburns. She freaks out and Scott sadly walks away, now having no idea what’s going on with the two most important women in his life.

He bumps into Gerard and shockingly tells him that he’s done everything Gerard has asked of him. Apparently he’s been feeding Gerard information on Derek’s pack and the Kanima situation. When did this happen? How did this happen? I hope we get a lot more information about this arrangement next week. Derek overhears and his eyebrows have rarely been so surly.

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