Teen Wolf Recap 7/23/12 ‘Party Guessed’

It’s a good thing Stiles is aware, because when they throw Matt into the pool he totally freaks out and yells about how he can’t swim. Jackson pulls him out, but Stiles and Scott now have their suspicions. These suspicions are totally confirmed when they go outside and see a furious, dripping Matt with the Kanima wrapped around his legs. So Matt is the Kanima’s master, which also means that Matt might be a ghost.

(If this show can have ghosts, I think people should be even more cautious about badmouthing Mama Argent. Just saying. The only thing scarier than Mama Argent is having a ghost version of those crazy eyes staring at you from the foot of the bed. Oh god, I just gave myself nightmares.)

While chaos unfolds at the party and the teen wolves enjoy their underground torture chamber, Lydia blows some wolfsbane powder in Derek’s face and drags him off into the night. I call bupkis on the fact that Lydia could drag Derek all the way back to the Hale Crispy Fried Mansion all by herself. I know she’s working under Peter’s orders, but unless she spiked her own drink with steroids this is deeply implausible.

Of course, moments later thanks to some strategically placed mirrors and moonlight, Peter Hale is back so I guess Lydia’s super strength is the least of the logic jumps here. Not only is Peter Hale back but he’s buck naked, making him officially part of the Teen Wolf pack. Also he might have stolen his alpha status back from Derek, which is bad news for everyone.

Speaking of bad news, Crystal Reed really knocks it out of the park when Allison finds out about her mother’s death. You have to appreciate that her first reaction is to ask if this is another weird family bonding test. Unfortunately it isn’t, and Allison falls into her father’s arms sobbing.

Next week Peter Hale is back, Matt has a gun, Allison is on the Derek warpath, and someone or everyone gets naked.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you mourning the most terrifying mother on TV? Did you call Matt as the Kanima master? And just why does he hate the swim team? What will happen now that Peter Hale is back? Share your theories in the comments!

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