Teen Wolf Recap 7/23/12 ‘Party Guessed’

He offers his wife some pills, since statistically that’s what women prefer when killing themselves. This is as romantic as the Argent family ever gets. This is basically their version of The Notebook. Mama Argent will have none of that pill nonsense though. If she’s going out, it will be her trusty friend giant butcher knife doing the job.

She wants Chris to tell Allison that she wasn’t weak, like people will say, but strong. If I was a person in town, I wouldn’t say anything about Mama Argent, even in death. She would totally be the kind of spirit that would vindictively haunt you.

The Argent parents say a sad goodbye and then just as the wolf begins taking over, Mama Argent stabs herself. I was shocked they would dispose of such a great character so early in the show. Mama Argent was by far the scariest mother on television, besides the moms on Toddlers and Tiaras, and she will be greatly missed.

While Mama Argent is on the way out, Peter Hale is on the way back. He starts the episode by terrorizing Lydia, who gives us our episode opening nudity. Whenever there is nudity within the first ten seconds of an episode of Teen Wolf, you know it’s going to be a good episode.

Peter wants Lydia to do everything he tells her to. She’s his secret weapon because of her smarts, incredible lip gloss collection, and general werewolf immunity. The super important task he sets her: throw a party. You have to respect a villain who accomplishes his evil scheme by throwing a rager.

So Lydia throws her customary birthday party, but unfortunately for Uncle Peter no one is showing up. It’s just Scott, Stiles and Stiles’ gigantic package. The last part is referring to the present he brought Lydia; get your mind out of the gutters people! Now that Lydia is the town wack job no one wants to party at her house. But what about all those dresses she bought from Macy’s? How will those products get placed if no one is there to see the stylin’ dress she got from the Material Girl collection? Good thing Scott and Stiles are so popular with the lacrosse and drag queen communities, respectively.

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