Teen Wolf Recap 7/23/12 ‘Party Guessed’

In the least revealing storyline of the episode, Derek hides in his abandoned subway car of teen angst to chain up his untrained betas for the full moon. He’s afraid they will try to kill everything in their path, since he hasn’t properly taught them how to control their wolfy side. He pulls out some torture devices he got at Beacon Hills most popular shop Chains, Weapons and Beyond.

But these chains can only hold the betas for so long, and soon they’re breaking free and trying to kill him. Thankfully he mentioned to Isaac to use an anchor to control his wolf side, and Isaac is a fast learning pupil. If that’s all Derek had to do to train the mini-wolves I’m sort of wondering why he didn’t take an hour out of his brooding time to pencil that in? To anchor himself Isaac focused on his father, who didn’t used to be such a bad guy once upon a time.

Speaking of Isaac’s dad, Stiles is once again doing all the police work for his father. It’s like the Sheriff is Inspector Gadget and Stiles is the dog that solved all the crimes for him. It’s not that I don’t love the Sheriff, because that’s impossible, it’s just that I sort of understand why he got demoted. After Mr. Harris’ car was found at the scene of several of the murders, the police are questioning him. But Stiles has a feeling his least favorite teacher isn’t guilty.

Instead they discover that all the victims were on the 2006 swim team, of which Isaac’s once-loving father was the coach. Stiles thinks this explains why the Kanima is not fond of water, but basically has no better insights.

Meanwhile, Mama Argent is doomed and walking around the Argent house being scary and sad instead of scary and super scary like usual. However, Allison doesn’t pick up on her mom’s distress because of how her mom always looks like she’s about to stab someone with a sharpened pencil, so it’s hard to gauge emotional states.

Grandpa Argent is stern when he orders that Mama Argent has to die since she was bitten by an alpha. Poor Argent is trying to get around killing his wife, but the Argents are a family based on deep dysfunction and stabbing things, so her fate is basically sealed.

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