Teen Wolf Recap 7/23/12 ‘Party Guessed’

By: Morgan Glennon

On this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, it’s Lydia’s party and she’ll drug everyone if she wants to. The diabolical and extra crispy Peter Hale finally unveils his true purpose for Lydia, which involves underage drinking and fairy dust. Even dead and underneath some floorboards, Peter Hale is such a drama queen.

Meanwhile, everyone hallucinated their greatest fear at a party full of awesome pool dunking extras and drag queens. We find out once and for all who the Kanima’s master is, although the why and how are still mysteries. And we say a fond, terrified farewell to Mama Argent.

This episode of Teen Wolf was so dense and packed with action that a sequence where Derek screwed a torture device onto Erica’s face while she screamed in pain was actually episode filler. This whole season the show has subtly been getting more involved, more complex, and just plain more awesome. This week’s episode took that to a whole new level.

In the middle of the reveal of the season-long Kanima master mystery and the Peter Hale Extra Crispy Vengeance plan, the episode still managed to pack in more character building and emotional arcs. More than understanding that every episode is best begun with nudity, Teen Wolf understands that action cannot take the place of character development. Thus we learn more about almost every character tonight, including their deepest fears.

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