Teen Wolf Recap 7/16/12

While the rave is raging, Derek and Boyd are fighting the Argents, Scott is getting the worst high in the world, and possessed Jackson is giving us some important plot details. They ask him why he’s going after the people he’s killing and he confirms it’s because they are murderers. When they ask who the Kanima’s victims murdered he says “they murdered me,” in his chilling, possessed voice.

This season Teen Wolf has really gotten excellent with its use of horror movie conventions. Everything with Jackson’s possession is honestly so creepy I feel like I’m watching The Exorcist, if that movie was about shirtless teen werewolves.

Unsurprisingly, Jackson turns into the Kanima and escapes. Stiles, Erica, and Isaac make the best “oh crap” faces as Jackson begins to transform into the scaly creature. It manages to kill Kara by slitting her throat in another gory, creepy moment.

As the episode closes, Derek takes Scott to heal up at the vet’s office. And who’s in the waiting room, looking to speak with the vet? It’s the ageless guidance counselor who can’t decide whether to admire his sentimentality or despise it. “Are you going to tell them what’s coming?” she asks. Apparently not, says the vet.

There are so many interesting storylines progressing this season, it’s hard to even track what’s the season’s biggest mystery. Also considering how much I adore Lydia and her shiny lipgloss, it wasn’t until the closing moments of the episode I even noticed she was completely MIA this week. I can’t wait to see what’s happening with her and crispy Uncle Peter next week.

Who is the Kanima master? What’s going on with the vet and the guidance counselor? Will Mama Argent turn into the scariest werewolf of all time? Share your theories in the comments!

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