Teen Wolf Recap 7/16/12

By: Morgan Glennon

On this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, everyone went to a rave where some got drugged (unsurprising) and others murdered (more surprising) and a vaporizer has never been so scary. It was a big, dramatic, action packed episode in which the Argents got scarier and crazier than usual. Allison’s therapy bills are going to be through the roof, considering her family tries to murder her boyfriend on a fairly consistent basis.

But hey, at least they have a weapon of choice: the car! Last season, Allison found out about Scott’s true wolfy nature when Papa Argent tried to run him over with a car. This week, it’s Mama Argent wielding first the car and then the vaporizer of death. Why must Scott die? Because Mama Argent has finally seen proof with her own crazy eyes that Allison and Scott are still together.

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