Taylor Swift’s Best Birthday Ever

Happy Birthday Taylor!

The country cutie turned 23 today, and in great fashion she celebrated it with her new love- One Direction’s, Harry Styles.

The duo spent Swift’s big day in 18-year-old Harry’s native, England. The pair arrived earlier in the week and have been enjoying a bit of down time. The British birthday bash so far, has included activities such as shopping, feasting, sight-seeing, and even bird feeding.

Swift seems to be having the best birthday ever, because on the morning of her birthday, she awoke to the news that she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her song “Safe & Sound”. The award-worthy song was featured on this summer’s blockbuster hit “The Hunger Games.” That’s definitely got to be a great way to start your day.

But the nomination was only the icing on her figuratively speaking “cake”, because what made the celebration even better, was being able to spend it with her budding new love.

Cheers to you Taylor!

To hear Taylor’s Golden Globe nominated song, see page 2.

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