Taylor Swift, Harry Styles Dating?

In her growing list of rumored, as well as actual celebrity boyfriends, Taylor Swift’s latest beau is reportedly One Direction’s Harry Styles.

The young stars were photographed together several times throughout the month of November- which has drawn much speculation from media and fans, regarding the nature of their ‘relationship’. But it was this shot taken outside of a Manhattan hotel on Tuesday morning, that reveals perhaps a new couple has emerged.

Earlier in the evening Taylor attended the Robert F. Kennedy Center’s Ripple of Hope Holiday Gala, where she was honored by the Kennedy Family for her commitment to social change through music. Fast forward a few hours to when the above photo was reportedly taken; the early morning hours, where it shows the duo making their way to 18 year-old Styles’ hotel.

Harry and Taylor’s public handholding is what leads many to believe that the rumors of a relationship are true. But what do you think? Strictly innocent, or something more? Comment below and share.

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