Spin the Bottle App for the iPhone

Remember when you were a kid and you played spin the bottle?

You had to search for a bottle and hope no one caught you and “the gang” sitting around a circle playing the game. Afterall, how could you possibly explain what you were doing?

Life is so much simpler these days because you can actually pay Spin the Bottle on your iPhone.    The updated version of Spin the Bottle is much easier this time around. And so many more options.  Kissing and truth or dare in one place?  (Take a deep breath parents.)

The app is made to sound like a lot of fun for the user (not so much for the parent who finds it on their child’s phone)

The ultimate Spin The Bottle game!

* Over 100 Dares to play with!
* Choose between 5 different types of Dares!
* Great when you want to take your party and friends to a new level!

Great when you want to take your party and friends to a new level?  This was definitely written by a teenager in heat.

Remember when life was simple and you would cheat and move the bottle just a little bit so you get to kiss the boy you liked – those days are over.  I won’t even tell you about the more advanced version of Spin the Bottle – I’m already hyperventilating with the “light” version.

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