Sony Xperia TL: The New James Bond Phone

The Sony Xperia TL, also dubbed the Bond phone is at my disposal before it has even reached stores. How did I get my hands on it, you might be wondering? Well- our friends at Sony and AT&T contacted TTT, inquiring if we’d be interested in reviewing the phone, and I just so happened to be the lucky reviewer.

First, the phone is expected to hit stores sometime this month. It was even speculated as early as yesterday, 11/2/12 would be the official release date, but I can attest to my local AT&T retailer informing me that the phone would not be in stock for maybe another month. If you’d like to know if your closest retailers carry the mobile device, I suggest calling ahead.

Dubbed the Bond phone, the Xperia TL makes its debut in the upcoming Bond film “Skyfall”, as Agent 007′s personal device. In conjunction with the movie’s release, the phone comes equipped with several Bond themes such as: wallpapers, ringtones, apps, and videos.

Some specs:
• 4.6 inch HD display
• dual core 1.5 GHz processor
• 13 MP camera on back and a 1.3 MP camera on front of device
• Launched with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
• 4G LTE
• Super light weight

Aside from having a cool new toy to play with, what I’m most excited about is seeing how it compares to the iPhone. My household consists of all Apple products, I’ve grown accustomed to them, I know how they operate, I enjoy them. What I’d like to see in the Xperia TL is how comparable it is to my current mobile device. I’ve noticed within the first day of using it, that I am so used to the iPhone that I find my hands searching for buttons and areas on the phone that have the same function as mine. For example, on the iPhone the on/off button is on the top right and on the TL it’s along the right hand side. When I wanted to power that mobile device off, I began to reach for the top right.

I’m sure as with every new phone, it’ll take some getting used to. Fortunately, I might just be a pro at it by the time everyone else gets theirs. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my learnings of the new Sony Xperia TL.

Thanks again to our friends at Sony and AT&T.

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