Skin Care Secrets Revealed

Here’s a look at 3 beauty regimens you should consider during your teens.

1. Cleanse face daily.
Teenage years ultimately bring on hormones and acne, which can be quite tough on one’s skin. Cleansing your face rids your pores of dirt, grime, oil and any other unpleasantness that can cause breakouts. Aside from just fighting acne, using a cleanser or cleansing system is simply good hygiene. For an every day face wash, try one that is gentle- so that it won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, by over drying it.

2. Moisturize.
Getting in the habit of using a moisturizer will benefit your skin for years and years to come. Pick a moisturizer that truly nourishes the skin without being heavy or greasy, as those ingredients can also cause breakouts. Finding the perfect moisturizer for your skin takes time- so don’t get discouraged if nothing seems to be working for you. Do your research and try to sample multiple products before settling on one. Beauty blogs are extremely helpful for this exact reason.

3. Apply sunscreen.
If you can find a facial moisturizer that contains an SPF, then you’ll truly be in business. I personally like moisturizers that contain both because it saves a bit of time when getting ready. Aside from sparing yourself a couple of minutes, making sure you apply a sunscreen is probably the MOST important thing you can do for your skin while in your teens. Interestingly, the sun’s rays can provide an alarmingly harsh affect on your skin- even when it doesn’t seem that hot outside or sunny. The earlier you start to protect yourself against the sun, the better. Try a product that contains a minimum of SPF 15.

Because everyone’s skin type is different, recommending general products wouldn’t make much sense. But there are several resources that you can use to research products and read reviews on. Take full advantage of those resources to protect your skin!

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  1. skin cleansing says:

    There are mainly three good habits in order to make our skin healthy firstly cleansing skin, secondly moisturizing daily ans Applying sun cream on our skin. This makes the skin healthy and last longer.

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