Selena Gomez: Look For Less

As if singing and acting aren’t the only things Selena Gomez has going for her these days. The 20 year old entertainer recently signed a deal with Adidas- becoming the sportswear company’s latest style ambassador.

As part of a 3 year contract with NEO Label; the shoe company’s style driven brand, Gomez’s fashion sense (which is marketed toward the teen demographic) will be on display as early as February 2013.

Last month, Gomez made an appearance in Los Angeles, announcing the deal. Flashing her smile and looking hip, Selena posed for pictures with the label’s other style ambassadors. Dressed down in skinny jeans, sneakers, and an awesome skull tee, the young star looked comfortable and ready for the label’s debut.

To see how to get the look for less, and the star’s campaign video- continue to page 2.

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