Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Preview 6/5/12 – 10 Minute Video

Pretty Little Liars returns for the third season tonight, June 5th. If you can’t wait until later to see what is going to happen with the show, we have a 10 minute clip from the first episode.

The show begins by reminding viewers of some important moments in the second season before featuring the girls five months after the death of Maya.

The girls catch up on how they spent their summer and have a toast for Maya.   Aria, Hanna and Spencer later wake up finding Emily’s gone. They find her at Alison’s dug-up grave, standing in front of an empty coffin while holding a shovel.

Learning that someone called Emily from her phone while she was asleep, Spencer takes her friends to the Hastings lakehouse after removing anything that may connect them to the missing corpse.

The next morning, Spencer’s mom calls her to inform her about an investigation launched on the empty grave.

Pretty Little Liars returns for its third season tonight, Tuesday, June 5 at 8/7c on ABC Family.

Check out the video here!!

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