Pretty Little Liars Recap 8/7/12 “The Kahn Game”

Emily is having a less fun evening, as she logs into Maya’s website and watches the videos of her now deceased girlfriend. And as Hanna gets ready to head to the Apple Rose Grille, her mother tells her that the police came by with the court order for the blood test. Ashley also tells Hanna that Spencer’s mom is on it, and has assured her that everything is going to be fine. Oiy. Hanna heads out and Ashley picks up the phone to give Ted a call to invite him to dinner.

The party is still going on at the Kahn house, and just as Spencer and Aria are about to make their exit, Jenna walks in with Noel. When Noel asks who invited Spencer and Aria, they respond that they were invited by CeCe. Noel is clearly unhappy that the girls are there, and Aria invites him to play a game of truth. Oh boy.

And things are about to get weirder with the “A” story. When Hanna arrives at The Apply Rose Grille Caleb drives up and tells her to get in the car. As Hanna tries to get him to leave, fearing for his safety, he tells her that he is “A” and that he sent the text. Wait, what? Caleb tells Hanna not to be scared, and that “A” won’t find them there. Caleb then tells Hanna that he sent the text to figure out if the reason Hanna was being so weird was because there was another “A” out there, and he was right. Hanna explains to Caleb that the new “A” is playing hardball, and even tells Caleb that “A” ran his mother’s car off the road. She also tells him that she never would have let him walk away if she had a choice, but she didn’t. As Caleb leans in for a kiss,

Back at the party Spencer and Aria are asking Noel loads of questions about Maya – asking if he had ever invited her to a party there. He says yes and while Noel tries to get a rise out of Aria by asking if she ever slept with her teacher (answer, “No – I neve slept with my teacher”) Spencer declares that Jenna is next. Aria desperately wants to leave, because she is afraid that she’ll get Ezra into trouble if people keep questioning her about Ezra, but Spencer feels the need to stay. CeCe breaks in to inform Spencer that if she wants to get her round with Jenna in she’s got to move, since Jenna is about to leave. Ultimately, Aria decides to leave and calls Ezra to pick her up and Spencer stays. When Aria calls Ezra, however, his brother answers the phone and tells her that Ezra has left to meet the guy about the car. Aria asks him to pass on the message that she needs a ride home, and Wes takes down the address.

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