Pretty Little Liars Recap 8/7/12 “The Kahn Game”

Unfortunately, it looks like Spencer has forgotten to apply to her dream college – University of Pennsylvania. Spencer! College! That’s ridiculous. She also got a “B” on her physics homework – so basically her entire world is falling apart. While Aria tries to reassure her, Spencer also decides that she needs to get her boyfriend back.

CeCe stumbles upon Aria and Spencer at the cafe, and mentions to Spencer that she went to UPenn. Spencer is basically foaming at the mouth at the thought of knowing someone who may help her with her application by connecting her with “a dean, a professor… a janitor even!” Way to aim high, Spence. CeCe then tells Spencer that one of her friends actually went to UPenn and now works in the Admissions Office, and that there’s a party that evening that the person will be at. Spencer begs (puppy eyes and all) CeCe to take her to the party and she finally agrees.

Over at Hanna’s house, Ashley (Hanna’s mom) has been served with a paperwork that says Hanna has five days to provide a blood sample to be compared with the one that was found on Allie’s belongings. Ashley is quite [understandably] upset about this and asks the officer to lower his voice so that Hanna, who is upstairs getting ready for school, doesn’t hear. Oh man. Ashley’s decides that her best course of action is to give Veronica Hastings (Spencer’s mother) a call to get this taken care of. A smart move, if I do say so myself, but I thought Mrs. Hastings was already on the case…?

In school Hanna (who looks fabulous, as always) sees Caleb from down the hall. After a couple seconds of intense eye-locking, Hanna walks to her locker where Caleb meets her and asks if she’s seen Spencer. Hanna tells him that she hasn’t, and Caleb asks her to give Spencer a note that contains the log-in information to the Maya website. The pair exchange some pleasantries, and really just make up already! Then, the bell rings and Caleb walks away. Just then, Hanna gets a text from “A” that says, “The Apple Rose Grille at closing time. Go alone or Caleb pays. -A” Hanna is obviously none too pleased with this, and she shows Spencer. Hanna tells Spencer that she was only speaking to Caleb for about 2 seconds before she got the text and they switch the topic to Mona. Hanna tells Spencer she hasn’t seen Mona … or Wren … recently, and when Hanna alludes that she needs to go there soon Spencer makes her promise that she won’t go. And definitely not alone.

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