Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/31/12

Still a the party (because this is awkward dynamic is getting a lot of attention this episode!), Ezra approaches his mother and asks what she said to her. Diana feigns ignorance, and then says “maybe it’s past her bedtime.” She also tells Ezra that they had a lovely chat, and that perhaps Aria left because she felt out of place. Ezra tells his mother that “she can endow as many museums as she wants, but she isn’t fooling anyone, isn’t a generous bone in her body.”

At the hospital, Hanna is speaking with Mona’s doctors asking them not to send Mona away. She tells them that she knows Mona did some horrible things, and she even did some of those things to her, she was her best friend and she might even understand why Mona was so angry. She also tells them that they went through a lot together, starting at the same place – being “those girls that guarded purses while the hot girls danced.” Hanna ends her plea by begging them not to send Mona away, because no one there will care about Mona and she (Mona) needs someone to hold her hand.

Paige meets back up with Emily, and Paige is still apologizing, and tells Emily that if she ever finds out who put that stuff in her flask she’ll kill them. We’re getting lots of death threats this episode, huh? Emily tells Paige not to be angry though, because even though she was drunk and she “got lost” she didn’t really get lost – she was looking for something… somebody, and she “came here” (to Paige). And then they kiss. Awwww.

Aria has made her way home from Ezra’s mother’s horrible attitude, and is sitting on the floor of her room looking rejected. Her father comes in to check on her, and she asks him if he thinks she’s ruining Ezra’s life. Her father responds – in the most fatherly way – that no one could ever be harmed by having Aria in their life.

Wren and Hanna are wrapping things up at the hospital (and it’s looking like it went well) when Hanna gets a text from Spencer saying, “Have you heard from Em? You need to see something. Now.” At Spencer’s house there’s tons of videos on the site, “more of a junk drawer, than a journal.” There’s videos of Emily being silly, and videos of Maya making video confessionals. Looking at one last video, the girls see Maya saying (while crying), “I’m such a coward – I have to face my fears.” The girls are trying to get in touch with Emily, but she’s too busy skinny dipping with Paige to hear her phone. Well, at least someone’s having fun!

Our “A” scene of the evening is the hooded figure taking out LOTS of cash from the bank. Hmm…

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