Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/31/12

At school the next day Spencer runs into Caleb (who has received a new car from his mother during his time in California) and asks him for help getting into the website. She tries to be vague but Caleb presses her to tell him whose site it is. And then, we’re inside with Aria and Emily discussing Aria’s upcoming meeting with Diana. Emily tells Aria that Spencer is the best person to ask for fashion advice in the “Chanel and pearls on a Sunday afternoon” department. Back outside, Caleb has agreed to help Spencer break into the site. And then, Spencer receives an “A” test – “Mona’s almost gone. Hanna’s next.”

The girls regroup to discuss the text, and Hanna explains that Wren told her about Mona possibly being sent away. The girls also think that Lucas might be the friend that was getting Mona’s drugs from the hospital. Hm, an interesting theory. Hanna also astutely points out that the reason she’ll be next is because of the blood test coming up, but Spencer reassures her that her mother is taking care of it and, “[her] mom eats court orders for breakfast.” Sounds tasty?

Later, at Spencer’s house, Aria and Spencer are discussing what Aria should wear when Spencer spots her mother’s briefcase. After a quick yell through the house to see if her mother is there, Spencer opens the briefcase and flips through the files hitting the jackpot with Garrett’s.

In the woods, Emily and Paige are finally having their discussion about the flask. Emily confesses that the flask was drugged but she didn’t know it when she gave it to Paige. Paige asks Emily if the same thing happened to her, and asks when it happened. Emily told her that it was the day that Ali’s body was unburied, and that all she knows is she “lost time,” one minutes she was at Spencer’s house, the next minute she wasn’t, and then Spencer, Aria, and Hanna were finding her. And then … Paige confesses to Emily that she was with her that night. WHAT?!

Back at Aria’s house Spencer and Aria are reviewing the photos of the documents that they took. Apparently, Maya was killed the same night Garrett was at Spencer’s house with Melissa between 10pm and 2am. She also wasn’t found with any personal affects, meaning if there was a bag with her it was stolen… but we already know that. They also find the name of a potential witness, and Aria tells Spencer she’ll stop by where the guy works to check him out.

But seriously, back to Paige and Emily. Apparently it was around 11pm and Emily showed up at Paige’s house, where Paige found her drunk on the steps (well, Paige thought she was drunk). Paige was apparently holding Emily up and then, Emily was holding her and then – they kissed. Paige said she didn’t want it to end because it was like a dream, but when she went to get Emily a glass of water Emily was gone, and Emily remembers that she got a phone call around 11pm. Paige tells Emily that she didn’t tell her because she felt bad for kissing her when she was drunk, and then when she found out about the flask she felt “worse than awful.” Emily turns her back on Paige and the conversation is seemingly over as Paige walks away.

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