Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/31/12

Back at Spencer’s, Hannah and Spencer are stil trying to break into the site. I’m not sure if the first cryptic message from Maya is really the password (Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife = MAYA KNEW) because it seems like something the girls would have remembered and tried, especially since it was the only rhyme directed specifically at one of them, but who knows. Perhaps it’s just slipped their mind? Or maybe it was just an indicator that Maya knew the password… we shall see.

Just then, Toby bursts in the door, asking Spencer – very seriously – if she knows where Jason is. Toby tells Spencer that he was just at Jason’s house and he’s gone, the house is locked up, and the car (the damaged car) is gone. Toby is irate because obviously Jason has left Spencer and Toby to take the fall for his hit and run, which then turns into a tangent about Spencer still hiding something from Toby. He points out that even though Mona and Garrett are locked up, Spencer still jumps every time her phone rings. Ah, it’s about time someone else noticed that! Toby tells Spencer he isn’t going to ask her to explain everything that is going on, he’ll just find out for himself.

Over at Paige’s house, Emily has stopped by to talk about the evening that Paige ended up in the hospital. Emily wants to discuss what happened and explain why it happened (Paige got sick from drinking from her flask), but Paige says she’d rather not. Eventually she relents and agrees to meet Emily after school the following day.

At the cafe, Wren is meeting up with Hanna and giving her some details about Mona. Apparently, she’s being transferred to a new hospital in upstate New York. The hospital staff are concerned that Mona has not been taking her pills and that she’s been smuggling them out with her visitors – apparently more people than Hanna and Aria have been paying her visits. Hanna begs Wren to get the hospital to change their mind. Just then, Caleb walks into the cafe and sees Hanna speaking with Wren. When Hanna gets up to speak with him he steals a look at Wren and walks out. Jealous much?

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