Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/31/12

This week’s episode opens with the Pretty Little Liars hovering over the computer, debating on whether or not to crack into They’re a bit hesitant until Emily tells them they have to. The girls still seemed stumped as to what the password could be, when suddenly Emily has an idea – turns out, her idea was incorrect, which leaves her feeling dejected and suggesting to her that she “didn’t know Maya as well as she thought.” Emily also tells the girls that she’ll be meeting Nate later and – I don’t know about you – but this Nate guy creeps me out.

Later, at Aria’s house, her father tells her that Meredith – his mistress and the woman that broke up his marriage to Ella – got the job at Rosewood High (Aria’s school and Ella’s place of employment). Ohhh this should be intereting. Meanwhile, Nate and Emily are down by the water reminiscing about Maya. Nate confides in Emily that the day she went missing he had plans with Maya, but she called to cancel. Nate then tells Emily that he never understood how someone could kill another person, but when he saw Garrett in the hospital he understood it – and he would have been happy to kill Garrett. Emily asks him to stop talking about it, and he apologizes for scaring her. She says he didn’t, and he responds, “Good – I wouldn’t want you to be afraid of me.”

Over at Ezra’s house Aria has her first meeting with Ezra’s mother, Diana. After a slightly awkward first meeting Diana invites Aria and Ezra to a reception for an event she is part of, and although Ezra is hesitant, Aria accepts. Aria also invites Diana to stay for coffee, but Ezra rushes her out the door. After she leaves, Aria asks what Diana knows about them, and he says that he’s told his mother that he loves her, and that they started dating after he stopped working at Rosewood High.

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