Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/24/12

Back at the hospital in the children’s ward, Hanna and Aria are hearing some creepy humming. Seriously, creepy. As the follow the sound through the dark hallways they find Mona brushing the hair on one of those creepy dolls. Mona begins speaking in rhymes and riddles, saying “Miss Aria you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife,” “Where were we, Mya’s away sleeping sweet, until Garrett’s all rosy count on me” and “No one to save Ali from Evil, no one to save Ali from Evil.” Just then the nurses come and get Mona who, as she’s being led away, she tells the nurses she missed her dolls, while looking toward where Aria and Hanna are hiding. As she leaves, she continues her creepy “where were we” chant.

At the end of the evening Aria is on the phone with her mother, who is still at the cafe. She tells Aria that she isn’t on the date with Ted anymore, but she may “be on another one” (looking over at the owner). Aria gets off the phone with her mother and climbs into bed where Hanna is already laying down (because she’s sleeping over Aria’s house). Hanna asks, “what’s up with your mom,” to which Aria replies, “she’s a slut.” Suddenly, Hanna remembers that Mona was pushing her to remember the day with Ali’s father, which leads Hanna to believe that Mona was telling her to use the code. She thinks Mona did that because Aria was there, and she doesn’t trust her. “No One To Save Ali From Evil” in Mona’s code spells out NOTSAFE, while the second rhyme “Where Were We Mya’s Away Sleeping Sweet Until Garrett’s All Rosy Count On Me” is a website, Emily tells the group that MAS are Mya’s initials, and when the girls log into the website they see a photo of Mya, and are prompted for a password. It doesn’t seem that the girls have the password… but let’s not forget there was one more rhyme that Mona recited… Miss Aria You’re A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife. MAYA KNEW.

And that’s it! We are, of course, treated to our “A” scene for the evening – the figure dressed all in black is down in the children’s ward, pulling the head off one of the dolls that Mona was holding. Inside is a digital recorder, that has recorded the code Mona used.

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