Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/24/12

Outside the hospital Hanna is determined to gain entry and speak with Mona. Aria tries to talk her out of it, but eventually she not only relents, but demands to accompany Hanna because “friends don’t let friends sneak into insane asylums alone.” Just for the record, I don’t think it’s very PC to call them that anymore.

Outside the cafe (and CeCe’s boutique) Emily and CeCe run into each other. CeCe begins peppering Emily with questions about Jason, and while she says she’s going to put her number into Emily’s phone she steals Jenna’s phone number and calls her, telling her to stay away from Nate. Emily is, understandably, horrified. But not so much so that she wants CeCe to call back and retract her statements.

Ella heads into the cafe looking for Emily because she’s trying to track down Aria and can’t find her. Ella and the male barista (baristo?) start flirting (he gives her some free pastry and invites her to stay). Turns out, he’s actually the owner which seems to impress Ella.

Back at the hospital Hanna and Aria have made it inside, and Hanna heads right into Mona’s room. Mona creepily sits in a chair and asks Hanna if everything is okay. Hanna tells Mona that she is the only person who knows why Ali’s father doesn’t like her, and the only person who knows about the day Hanna saw Ali. In a flashback we see Hanna and Mona walking down the street discussing Mona’s plan for a code (take the first letters of the words in a sentence and use them to spell what you’re trying to say) when they see a “Missing” poster with Ali. Then Ali’s father sees her, stops the car, and comes running up to her screaming that Hanna “gave his wife hope with her prank.” Apparently, Hanna had seen Ali on her patio and called Ali’s mother. Three days later, Ali’s body was found. When Hanna finishes recounting her story to Aria the girls realize Mona has left the room. (HOW did a person just leave a room without either of the other people noticing?)

While Spencer is driving home, Jason goes flying past her and crashes his car. Spencer jumps out of her car and runs to help Jason. When she reaches Jason he’s dazes and appears drunk. Spencer tells Jason that he needs to get into the passenger seat, because “this didn’t happen” and she drives his car away, leaving her car at the scene, running and empty.

As the girls try to find their way out of the hospital Hanna spots an open door that’s “always closed.” Naturally, the girls go through the door marked “Children’s Ward,” as Hanna spots her tweezers (“which Mona probably stole”) on the ground.

When Spencer arrives at home she finds Toby waiting for her. She asks him for a ride to her car. While he’s questioning her about it the cops show up, telling her that they’ve found her car at the scene of an accident. Toby jumps in, telling Spencer that she needs to stop leaving her doors unlocked, making it look like her car was stolen. When the cops leave Spencer tells Toby that Jason was drunk, and Jason points out that the lie he just told is a felony.

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