Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/24/12

Finally at school (these girls have so much drama in the morning!), Aria speaks with her mom in her classroom and learns that she’s got a date with someone she met on the dating website that Aria “made” her join. Aria counsels her mother on her fashion choices, and the pair share a sweet mother-daughter bonding moment. Outside, Toby has shown up at school to speak with Spencer, asking why he was dragged into the saga at the dance. Spencer comes clean, saying that she was with Jason when he found the bracelet. When Toby asks why Spencer lied, she tells him that she didn’t want him to think.

Nate heads over to the cafe to visit Emily to ask her opinion on a gift he bought for Jenna – who he has a date with. Emily is obviously irritated by this, and Nate is quite confused because apparently Jenna has told him that she and Emily are great friends, and that Jenna was friends with Maya as well. Or … you know… the exact opposite of that.

When Aria and Hanna arrive back at Hanna’s house there’s a Quiji board set up, which is weird since no one else is home. When Hanna goes to touch it she pricks her finger, and the view-finder flips over, with a note saying, “See how easy it is for me to get your blood.” Creepy! Hanna, understandably, panics and begins checking the windows and doors, noticing that it doesn’t look like a forced entry. Aria tries to convince Hanna to calm down, and asks why she’s so freaked out. Turns out, Hanna had buried the “hand-thingy” (the view-finder) with Ali’s body, and Mona and Hanna had used it before Ali’s body was found. In a flashback, Mona asks the board if the spirits know what happened to Ali’s body, and the view-finder begins to move and spells out “alive.” Just then, lightening flashes and Hanna catches a glimpse of someone standing outside.

As Aria declares that she will be visiting Mona in the hospital to find out who she told the story to (because, of course, Mona had to have told someone in order for them to use the story against Hanna), a vase outside the door crashes and breaks. Spooky!

Elsewhere, Spencer bumps into Jason while he’s out for a run. He basically tells Spencer that he’s done looking for answers because he’s “not a detective and not a lawyer.” Atta boy. Spencer then asks Jason if he knew CeCe was back in town, and he says he does. Apparently, everything with CeCe is “intense.” But Jason doesn’t elaborate.

Over at the boutique CeCe works at, Emily is helping Nate pick out Jenna’s gift. CeCe is teasing Emily, saying she must have a crush on him, when CeCe figures out that Emily is “the one… the one that had a huge crush on Ali.” Wow, looks like Ali did tell CeCe a lot. Jus then, Nate calls Emily across the store – asking for her opinion on gifts. He holds up a pair of earrings and Emily says she bought the same ones for Maya a week before she died. Nate says that he knows and when Emily asks “how,” he covers with “she must have worn them in a picture she sent or something.”

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