Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/24/12

Written By: Courtney Danielson

As Hanna gets ready for school Detective Wilden shows up at her house, telling Hanna that he needs to provide the police with a blood sample, since the blood on Ali’s bracelet turned out to be … well, not Ali’s and it’s the same blood type as Hanna’s. Oh man. Technically, Wilden couldn’t speak to Hanna, because her mother wasn’t present, but he was kind enough to find a loop-hole and get the message across.

On the way to school Hanna fills the rest of the girls in on the details of Wilden’s visit and they try to figure out how to help, and only have a couple days until Hanna’s mother returns from a business trip to do so. During a quick stop at the cafe, the girls hear a voice that sounds like Ali, and turn around to see someone who – at least from behind – looks like she could be Ali’s twin. When the girl turns around it’s obviously not Ali, but the girls ask if she knew Ali anyway. The girl, CeCe Drake, responds that she did know Ali and that their families used to vacation together. Apparently, CeCe dated Jason for a bit, and shared an “intense time” with Ali. She doesn’t elaborate on what the intense time was, but she lets the girls know that Ali used to talk about them all the time, and even drops a hint that she knows Hanna used to have a thing for shoplifting.

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