Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/17/12

Headed back to Ezra’s now. Aria is shuffling through his things looking for something while he’s in the shower, when she opens a drawer and finds some stacks of money. A lot of money. Aria – naturally – rushes out of there. Aria meets up with Spene and Hanna, who are at the cafe discussing Spencer’s conversation with Jason. Once Aria arrives they discuss their plan (which Spencer dubs a suicide mission) for the evening, which has now been revised to Emily and Hanna just hiding at the Rec Center and watching people arrive. Aria asks Spencer to remind her of how much money Jason had offered for the reward ($50,000 cash), and ponders why someone would have that much money laying around. Spencer hypothesizes that person would probably be a freak, or a criminal. Back on the street, Spencer’s dad stops to speak with Jason, asking him to please leave Spencer out of everything. Jason pretty much refuses, and tells his biological father off. What an upstanding young man!

Over at the charity drive, Hanna’s mother has shown up and is eager to find Ted. Hanna says she thinks he’s a “goober,” and Ashley gets a bit defensive. Ashley then reveals that she is Ted’s date to the party that evening. Hanna is alarmed, and tries to convince her mother not to go. Hanna – some how – tries to recover by saying that she’s going to the dance… with Toby… Spencer’s boyfriend. When Ashley expresses confusion about why her daughter is going to a dance with her best friend’s boyfriend, Hanna says it’s because there’s a “do-gooder creep” that “won’t take no for an answer,” so she thought it would be better if Toby pretended to be her boyfriend so the guy backs off. Hm – don’t tell your mom that, it can’t possibly make things easier.

Across town (I assume), Emily is walking down the street looking for the place that her jacket was sent from when she has one of her weird flashbacks of a familiar place. She heads into the shop to see what the place is all about – it appears, from what we can see, that it was a restaurant. Over at Spencer’s house, Hanna is trying to convince her to loan Toby out for the night. Spencer doesn’t really seem to be into it, since she already cancelled on Toby for no reason she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to force him to go on a date with someone else. While Hanna is begging Spencer for the favor, Spencer tells Hanna that she’s so stressed out looking for April Rose – and that she’s been spending all of her free time researching online and in the library. Spencer then confesses to Hanna that she always wonders how her life would be if she had never met Allie, but if she never met Allie, then she wouldn’t be friends with Hanna (and the others) so – of course – she agrees to lend out Toby for the evening. Hanna tries to reassure Spencer that this is a good idea by telling her that since they were able to stop Mona, they can definitely stop this new “A.”

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