Pretty Little Liars Recap 7/10/12 –‘That Girl is Poison’

Meanwhile, back at the party, Emily (who’s working) runs into Nate who was invited to the party at the last minute. He says he was invited by Jenna at the last minute, and that she’s “pretty intriguing.” On the other side of the room, Paige is spiking her drinks with the flask she found at Emily’s house. Just then, Aria and Ezra walk in – Jenna seems quite captivated with Ezra, since she’d never actually seen him, even though he was her teacher (what with her being blind and all). Aria heads over to talk to the photographer, Lorna, who she used to take a class with, and volunteers to be her assistant since she no longer has one (since firing Lucas). Aria then heads into the kitchen and spills some iced tea over Lorna’s equipment so she can get into the studio that evening.

Over at Spencer’s house, Spencer is texting the girls to tell them she had to leave the hospital and then – TOBY ARRIVED! Yay, we haven’t seen much of Toby in a while. The two have a little bit of a romantic interlude, and then discuss the fact that Jenna managed to fool everyone for so long, except for the two of them. Apparently, Jenna told her parents (and Toby’s parents – they’re step-siblings) that she was slowly getting her sight back of the course of a few months, but she never fully confirmed it until she told everyone.

Back at the party, Paige is quite drunk and making a huge mess of things. As she angrily tries to rush away from Emily, she trips, falls, and gashes her head over. Smooooth Paige. Emily and Nate accompany Paige to the hospital, where Hanna meets up with Emily. Hanna shows Emily the grey jacket, and confirms that it’s definitely hers. Hanna heads back to the rummage sale just as Nate returns with coffee for the pair of them, and Emily spots Officer Wilden at the hospital.

And now we’re back at the party – Aria runs into the back room looking for Emily when Ezra comes to find her, telling her that he would really like to make their dinner reservation. Aria is trying to avoid going to dinner because she thinks Ezra can’t afford it, especially since he bought Aria the expensive camera, but Ezra tells her that he got the editing job he had applied for. Just then, Lorna walks back in and sees her camera supplies soaked. Aria offers to run to the studio to pick up a dry memory card, and Lorna accepts the offer, hires Aria as her assistant, and Aria is on her way to do some recon in the shop Lucas was banging on the door of. (Whew, it took us a while to get here!)

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