Pretty Little Liars Recap 6/26/12 Season 3, Ep 4

The Litte Liars are hanging out at a restaurant when Jason, Allie’s older brother, walks in and demands answers from Spencer’s mother. Turns out, Spencer’s mother is now representing one of the prime suspects in Allie’s murder and the disappearance of her body – Garrett. When Spencer rushes out of the restaurant to see if Jason is okay, it turns out he’s hanging up reward posters for any information about Allie’s death. Just then, the girls get a text from A – “Imagine what I could do with 50 grand.” Oh boy… we’re starting early with the A texts this week!

Back at home, Spencer is speaking with her mom about the posters Jason put up. Her mom thinks that Jason will get tons of calls regarding the disappearance of Allie’s body. At school Aria heads over to her mom’s classroom and asks if she wants to grab dinner. Aria is trying to convince her mother to go have a “girls night out” – she seems to be taking the newest separation kind of hard, but little does she know that Aria’s father is now dating his former student, who originally broke up their marriage.

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