Paris Jackson Pays Homage to Miley Cyrus with hair cut?

Rumors are abuzz that Paris Jackson,14, has cut off her long locks as an homage to 19 year old pop star, Miley Cyrus.

Miley most famously buzzed her hair into a close shaven, platinum blonde pixie cut late this summer and received much criticism over her bold new ‘do. Shortly after, Jackson reached out via Twitter saying, ” I don’t know why people keep hating on Miley’s new cut…I love it!”

And just the other day, Paris posted a picture of herself to her Instagram account with what looked like a much shorter hair do. No one is certain if the snap shot depicts Paris’ natural hair.

She might have however, shot down rumors of a tribute to Miley and the chop job altogether, when she tweeted Sunday, “Should I go to school with curly hair?”- hinting that her hair is still long enough to curl.

Whether she decides to cut it or not, shouldn’t that be her decision? What do you think?

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