Olympic Gymnast Kyla Ross Youngest US Athlete in London 2012

Kyla Ross is not only the youngest member of the US Gymnastic Team, but at 15-years-old, she is the youngest competitor of the entire 530-person American field.  Kyla, who was born in Hawaii and now lives in  Aliso Viejo, CA   began gymnastics at 3-years-old.

Kyla excelled quickly through the levels of competitive gymnastics. She qualified to become a junior international elite competitor in 2009, won the all-around at the U.S. Classic, won the U.S. National Championships and then qualified for her first U.S. National Team. From there, she represented Team USA at the Pan American Games in Brazil, helping them win team gold. She also brought home four individual medals—three golds and a silver.

2012 is the first year Kyla is eligible to compete for America as a senior member of the team, and she made the Olympic team on her first attempt.

Besides training 30-35 hours a week, Kyla’s favorite food is salmon, she likes to cook, loves pop music, thinks math is cool and likes to watch the TV show Family Guy.

We will be watch this teen athlete aka Mighty Mouse, during the London games and cheering her on!!

If you would like to send her some words of encouragement her twitter handle is  @kyla_ross96.

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