Katy Perry’s Patriotic Nail Art

Manicures and politics go hand in hand this election season. On Sunday night in Los Angeles, at a campaign fundraiser for the President, pop singer Katy Perry donned some serious support for the Commander-in-Chief.

Taking to Twitter, the 27 year old pop sensation, posted a photo of her nails adorned with stars, stripes and pictures of the President’s face. She captioned it, “Appropriate nails.”

The “30 days to Victory” fundraiser and concert benefitted Obama’s re-election campaign. And celebs like Perry herself, as well American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson, performed. There were also appearances by several others stars.

Katy’s nails haven’t been her only patriotic expression though, in March, the ‘Part of Me’ singer released a video for the song- which shows the usually bubbly Perry enlisting in the Marine Corps. Way to show your support Ms. Perry!

What do guys you think, did she nail it?

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