Justin Beiber’s 911 Hoax

Justin Beiber fans received quite a scare when news broke that police officers rushed to his LA home early Wednesday morning, when a 911 call was placed reportedly inside the 18 year-old singer’s home. Not to worry Beliebers, as it turns out, the phone call was all a hoax.

Justin is the latest victim in this bogus Hollywood scam known as “swatting”- which is a prank targeting celebrities in the LA area. What swatting entails are messages or phone calls transmitted to a 911 operator, stating that an emergency situation is occurring at the targeted celeb’s home. A response team is then sent in the form of either heavily armed officers or a tactical unit.

In Justin’s case, it was reported that a person with a weapon was at the pop-star’s home. Officers soon discovered this was a false alarm after arriving on scene. A prank which might have seemed funny to the person responsible for it, is actually quite serious and costly for the city. Imagine the lives that could have been jeopardized if an actual emergency was happening at the same exact time elsewhere.

Other celebs who have fallen victim to this cruel prank include Ashton Kutcher (as recent as last week) and Miley Cyrus, this past August.

Justin Beiber and his fans can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the “Boyfriend” crooner is safe and sound.

As for the person or persons responsible for the prank, what do you make of it? All in good fun or a serious offense?

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