Jennifer Lawrence hosts SNL, Pokes Fun at herself and Fellow Actresses (Video)

It seems like the comedy bug has bitten The Silver Linings Playbook best actress, Jennifer Lawrence.

Over the weekend J-Law (as she was called by funny man Will Ferrell on Golden Globes night), was in New York to host last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live. During her monologue, the 22-year-old made a mockery of her controversial Golden Globes acceptance speech- for which she won the award for best actress.

She addressed her light-hearted speech by saying, “I would never trash talk any of my fellow nominees…at the Golden Globes, but the Oscars are a different story.” It was after the comedic delivery, that she went on to explain how she would easily beat out each of the other nominees.

The crowd seemed to enjoy the actress’ sense of humor. At least she can make fun of herself, no harm in that, right?

To see her SNL hosting gig, check out the video on page 2.

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